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2009 dodge 2500




More or less my dream truck. Was hunting for it for close to a year before finding it.

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The Mistress is my part time racer, full time fun, muddin, huntin, hook on to anything and pull it wherever it needs to go daily driver!

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3 Comments on "2009 dodge 2500"

    We love the mud pics. :) - 09-25-2014
    Are we ever done modding, lol. Keep up the great job. Love the build. ~Thanks, I'll def keep this and my build thread updated as it happens! the first 2 years i've done alot, but it looks like it's time to slow it down
  • cumminsbadgirl
    love your truck, well done !!! love the pics too :) - 09-25-2014
    ~ thank you!!! Still alot to do (as always lol) and i'm sure i'll be adding more pics here and there. the Mistress loves the camera lmao
  • Weeseven
    looks great, well done - 09-30-2014
    love the lights on your mirror ~Thanks!!! the lights ended up there simply because i wasn't sure where else to put them, and still had my modified mounts from when my whips where up there lol. it worked out tho and works great to light up the bar ditches on the back roads.
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