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Thread: Diesel Cummins Fuel Economy: Real World Economy (Hand Calculated)

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    Re: Diesel Cummins Fuel Economy: Real World Economy (Hand Calculated)

    Stanadyne, Power Service, Hot Shots, Howes

    2009 mega cab 2500
    Tires measure 34.4" x 12.4 on factory 17
    Rotella T5
    Mopar trans fluid

    Running Ray's 120hp. No transmission tuning available yet which I'm sure would increase some

    Over 2 tanks with each product same driving conditions in town and highway. Exact roads and speeds set
    Lowest to highest mpg average on EVIC
    Howes - 16.4
    Stanadyne - 16.7
    Power Service - 19.5
    Hot Shots - 19.8

    hand calculated
    Howes - 14.2
    Stanadyne - 14.5
    Power Service - 17.3
    Hot Shots - 17.6

    numbers are rounded up or down to nearest tenth. My EVIC is high by approximately 2.2mpg from hand calculated

    best tank 34gal
    If I had stayed on highways and no stops
    Hot shots - approximately 718 miles

    For the cost to mpg Power Service is the best bang for buck. The truck seemed to perform better with the Hot Shots
    This is with my driving and my truck obviously. May be different with others depending on set up and driving style

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    Re: Diesel Cummins Fuel Economy: Real World Economy (Hand Calculated)

    I find very hard to believe a 3500 DRW getting above 16 mpg.

    I know that neither my 7.5 did or my current 14 does.

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    Re: Diesel Cummins Fuel Economy: Real World Economy (Hand Calculated)

    Per the EVIC, I'm getting about 16.5 combination of highway/city/idling around a wildlife refuge for 3 hours at a time. Running Ultra box tune on 30 hp tune. Everything stock except deletes, 4" turbo-to-factory muffler, 3:73 rear end. Highway driving also includes some nasty headwinds here in NM. Before deletes, the EVIC was mostly around 13.5-13.9, although that can be attributed to lots of idling/low speed time and those nasty regens prior to deletes.

    Will be interested to see what mileage is like when towing our 15k fiver. We start towards MN from NM at the end of next week. Will switch to the 'stock' tune at that time for tranny longevity and also to keep Boost/EGT down. Will try to report back after a few hundred miles.



    2010 RAM 3500 DRW CC LB. RaceMe Ultra Sinister EGR/Cooler Delete, RaceMe EGT, 4" Flo-Pro CAT-To-Factory Muffler
    Pulling a 2011 HitchHiker 31.5 UKTG Fifth Wheel
    Full-time RVer since 9/22/14

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