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    Re: P0652

    Far be it from me to bump old threads... I know how some folks be gettin their gonads all in a twist over that, but yesterday I wound up with this same issue

    Comin home from work the red lightnin bolt come on and a message popped up sayin “service electronic throttle control”. Of course now with the way my brain works I went into panic mode... worst case scenarios and all that... til I did a little readin here
    @rtdrags is right. Make sure them hangin wires is secure somehow

    On the passenger side of the engine the wire that split off the one goin to the boost pressure sensor was layin on the bracket that come with DRD’s kit and bolts up to the exhaust manifold. Found that and tied it off... and hot damn!! My truck is happy again

    Cant see it for the camera flash, but theres definitely a spot of bare copper showin bout the size of a pinhead

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    That which doth not kill me.....

    ....should RUN!!

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