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Thread: Raceme Ultra

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    Re: Raceme Ultra

    Quote Originally Posted by 9mgcb81 View Post
    It's a shame spending nearly $2000 when all said and done. EFI with the custom would be around $700 probably

    Neither offer trans tuning. EFI can be done just not using the programmer obviously. RaceME doesn't have it yet for 07.5-09

    The RaceME isn't a bad product I don't want to seem like I'm bashing it exactly. Just sucks the only fix for a problem caused by the RaceME is spending more money rather than it being fixed

    At least Ray backs what he sells. So whenever I get his stuff on there things will be right
    @Double R Diesel is very good and stands behind his work. Also he gives very nice discounts for being a lifetime member here.

    "The grass is greener where you water it"

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    Re: Raceme Ultra

    I forgot to post earlier. Since last Saturday it's thrown the code 3 times. It was doing it about every 5th or 7th time driving. 3 in a week is pretty bad

    It doesn't seem to be causing problems. I have driven a few times with it 15-20 miles. Then clear right away. Usually I pull over and clear immediately though. Wanted to see if it did anything squirly if I didn't. I won't trust it long leaving it though

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    Re: Raceme Ultra

    I'm not sure it is a raceme issue.I've had a Ultra on my 2008 for almost a year and no dtc's. RAY'S working on warp with me ECM is online trying RT's now. Big difference from box tunes. If raceme would get Trans tune up and running so Ray can do our years now I'd be happy.

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    Re: Raceme Ultra

    Considering my sensor is good and the connection isn't a problem. There was no previous DTC
    That leaves only the Ultra and box tuning. There's something not working right between the 2

    And yes I've been in close contact with Ray for a while now. I was planning on getting his tuning when available and hope for trans sometime soon to

    Just wish that RaceMe would stand behind it a little more. Tyler up at RaceMe Canada was helpful but without writing a custom tune to kill the DTC there wasn't anything he could do. So makes more sense to spend that money on Rays WARP tunes

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