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I believe I have Fixed it, What I thought was condensate draining from my extended drain tube was actually dripping from the A/c collector canister right above it and running down the side of the tube.
I pulled it off (carefully) and ran some soldering wire through the drain, reconnected and silicone'd it into place and now its draining properly. I even extended it an extra 4 inches just to be sure it can't run back.

With your a/c on full if you put your finger over the hose can you feel air blowing out? It wont be too much but you should certainly be able to feel it, It should have the air pressure of say an aquarium pump

I also had dirt caked up under the rubber around the windshield, which certainly could have been contributing.

Good luck and Let me know if any of this helps, I certainly know its no fun having to drive a musty smelling Truck.