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Thread: Toyo RT Tires

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    Toyo RT Tires

    Hey guys anyone on here running them? Looking to put them on my 2014 next. Would like to see some pictures of them in a 33 or 35. What's an average amount of miles your getting out of them? Thanks!

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    Let's ask @CustomOffsets.

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    I've asked 3 guys around town in the past month. All say they love them! Wear was looking pretty good too! Now I'm not sure if I believe everything they say but if I was only buying 4 I would try them for sure!

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    Never owned them but was told they grab the road good in the rain and snow, but they seem to need change out about 40k. So they appear to be not a long life tire. Maybe someone who really owned them and have worn them out can be more accurate.


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    Heck 40k miles is pretty good IMO compared to mud tires. LOL I'll be lucky to get 25k out of these Mickey Thompson MTZ I have on mine now.

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    Toyo RTs have a 40kmile warranty on them them MTs don't. I have Mts on mine and think I'm going with RTs next

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    I've had the RT's for about 15000 miles, I doubt you'll find many that have worn them out yet since they were released in late 2014.

    I've been through two winters now with them and couldn't be happier. They do great in the snow, pretty good in rain, and have decent mud traction. I tow 8k-10k lbs about 80% of the time too. I've never done any real off road driving, just driving into and out of muddy job sites.

    They seem to be wearing better than most AT tires I've had, I'd say they'll easily go 40k, maybe more. I had Falken Wildpeak's before these, and Cooper Zeon's on my last truck. The RT is way better than both of those for traction and wear.

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    We agree with everything these guys are saying, We have a couple guys at our shop that are running and they absolutely love them! I don't think you will be disappointed at all if you decide to go with them!

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    Thank you for everyone's input. Think I have a new tire to try out next. 👍

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