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Thread: Banks iDash / Gauge Cluster/ Instrument Panel Not Turning Off?

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    Banks iDash / Gauge Cluster/ Instrument Panel Not Turning Off?

    Hey guys, I wanted to share a situation I was running into and resolved, hoping it will help someone else out there if needed!

    TL; DR: If you own an iDash, ensure it's set to the right engine profile and the wake-up sensitivity is High.

    A couple of months ago, I bought a Banks iDash SuperGauge to use their PedalMonster and observe the various things in the truck.

    Shortly after installing it, I started noticing that the truck's gauge cluster/ instrument panel was taking a long time to turn off after shutting down the truck and sometimes not turning off at all.

    As an example, I would see it take between 2 - 10 minutes for it to turn off, and I would occasionally notice it an hour or more out the window, still bright.

    For whatever reason, it took me a while to connect the dots that it was the iDash causing this behavior, but I could confirm by unplugging from the OBD2 port every time I turned off the truck.

    The cluster/ panel would also "cycle" during these episodes by turning off for maybe 5 seconds and then turning right back on as if something was waking it up.

    Eventually, I called Banks to describe the issue, and they helpfully mentioned this was not uncommon, especially on Mopars.

    He said there were reports of this on many years and models of RAMs and Jeeps.

    The support guy had me double-check that the engine profile was set correctly (it was - 6.7, of course!!) and that the wake-up sensitivity was high or very high.

    My sensitivity was average, and after moving it too high, this has stopped, and the truck behaves as stock!

    No more risk of draining the batteries for something silly!

    The ECU or CANBUS units that Mopar likes to use are somewhat temperamental in how they communicate across OBD2. Hence, Banks and other manufacturers must carefully tune their electronic profiles.

    Hopefully, this helps someone!

    God Bless all the Cummins brothers out there!

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    Re: Banks iDash / Gauge Cluster/ Instrument Panel Not Turning Off?

    Thanks for sharing; good information.

    This is something to be mindful of when we plug devices into the OBD port.

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    Re: Banks iDash / Gauge Cluster/ Instrument Panel Not Turning Off?

    Thanks AK, I have had no issues, drove it yesterday for the first time in a long time. The pod does shut off quickly. I know I set it up properly, I have it set on sport no.1 , was running city no 10. I think its perfect. I can change it from either the idash or my phone app. Pretty cool unit.

    Initial set up the gauge itself asked me loads of questions, then the pedal monster, few more questions, it G56 or ATM, critical, we want no assist in reverse and with a MTM, iI get not till I am over about 10MPH, supposed to reduce clutch chatter on take off.

    I never have a chatter issue except after setting long time and running, I think I get dew on flywheel, once burned off, fine.

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