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Thread: Thuren Front Level 2 Inch VS. 2.75

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    Question Thuren Front Level 2 Inch VS. 2.75

    Currently in the market for a front level for my 17’ 2500.

    From the forum and other sources, it seems Thuren is one I should be looking into.

    I’m thinking about going with one of the kits with the Fox shocks; I’m stuck on which coils to buy, 2” or 2.75”.

    I’d hate to spend the money and not be completely satisfied with my decision.

    I know picture angle plays a part in how a truck looks on the internet, but if you have either setup, drop a picture, as Id like to see many examples.

    Also, did you regret getting the size you purchased?

    Was it too tall, too short, or didn’t ride as expected?

    Any advice or must-have purchases to go along with the level?

    17' 2500 CrewCab Big Horn 4x4, Fresh Air Diet...

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    Thuren Front Level 2 Inch VS. 2.75

    I'd put a jack under the frame and raise the truck on its suspension, so you can see what it'll look like on your truck.

    Each truck seems to sit a bit differently.

    I prefer less lift, especially if you won't be running 37s or bigger.

    I'm in the same planning phase, but with a 3500 mega cab, so the numbers are slightly different.

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    Re: Thuren Front Level 2 Inch VS. 2.75

    I decided which level to go with on my truck was to get the truck on level (as possible) concrete and measure the height from the center of each fender well to the ground.

    If memory serves, it was a difference in the height of around 2.5 inches; the rear is higher.

    The other thing to consider, too, is any accessories/bumpers you might want to install on the front of the truck, which will cause sagging in addition to the normal settling that occurs over time with the new springs.

    I went with a Bilstein leveling kit with front coil springs, and 5100 series shocks all the way around.

    As you can tell from the picture, the front is still slightly lower than the rear, but I also wanted it that way so it wouldn't appear to sag as badly in the rear when loaded with a trailer.

    In addition to the level kit, I would recommend a Thuren adjustable track bar to get the front wheels back in line with the rear wheels plus, it's a lot beefier than the factory OEM.

    I hope this helps.

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    Re: Thuren Front Level 2 Inch VS. 2.75

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    17' 2500 CrewCab Big Horn 4x4, Fresh Air Diet...

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    Re: Thuren Front Level 2 Inch VS. 2.75

    Here is mine, which is a 2018 RAM 2500

    I'm running the 2.75 up front with fox 2.0 remote reservoir.

    I'm also running the thuren rear springs with a 1" spacer to level the truck.

    It was level by measurement but looked squatted in the rear by eye.

    So the rear spacer just helped with the allusion of the back squatting.

    I'm running King 2.0 shocks in the rear.

    The reason for the two different shocks is that Fox Fronts is all Thuren offered for remote res up front and didn't offer any fox option for the rear in 2018.

    I'm also running the thuren front track bar and rear track bar relocation.

    I love the way it rides.

    Much softer and way less harsh.

    I feel it rides closer to a 1/2-ton truck.

    I have about 50,000 miles on this setup and am still very happy.

    I have an 18ft car trailer that I tow my race and hobby cars with, and I have no issues with the softer rear springs.

    The rear track bar relocation made a huge difference, especially on highway driving.

    It eliminated the rear wag the truck had after hitting the transition of the overpass bridges.

    If that makes sense, it's hard to explain.

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    2018 Ram 2500 Granite Crystal Laramie Sport 4x4 CCSB
    Thuren 2.75 front with Fox RR/ 1.0 rear with .75 spacer and King 2.0/ Thuren frt/Rear track bars
    American Racing ATX AX202 18x9 5"bs 35X12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers
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    Re: Thuren Front Level 2 Inch VS. 2.75

    I pretty much have the same setup as Allbizns up above.

    All Thuren set up. I have 2.75" front springs and stock rear as I tow med to heavy loads with Fox 2.0 all around.

    I also have the front and rear track bar with a front sway bar.

    The ride is much better than stock, and your not as fatigued on long road trips 8-12 hr long.

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    2016 Ram 2500 CCSB 4X4 ,Cat fuel filter delete with water seperator. Thuren suspension
    with Fox IFP shocks, thuren sway bar, rear track bar and front track bar, Warn 12k winch , custom winch mount, REVMAX trans pan,HD valve body and thermal bypas. Leer truck topper,Exotic head studs, Engine enhancements by the cummins whisper.

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    Re: Thuren Front Level 2 Inch VS. 2.75

    Look on @Custom Offsets website under the gallery.

    You can select just RAM truck and select thuren

    Brand under the suspension choice.

    There are a few rigs on there, and it explains what set from Thuren they have and tire size, etc.

    2017 WON TON CC LB 68AUTO
    DRD Diet program. Thuren 2.25 w/2.0 Fox Resi

    Southern Oregon ( the Republican part)
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