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Thread: Cummins Insite?

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    Cummins Insite?

    Does someone know if you can use Cummins Insite on 2019 trucks?

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    Re: Cummins Insite?

    We have never used that, but isn't that for Semi Trucks?

    God bless,

    "The grass is greener where you water it"

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    Re: Cummins Insite?

    Not a certified technician or affiliated with Cummins in any way, but I’ve dealt with on-site on some of their off-road/generator engines.

    Yes, you, in theory, could; if you already have the program for some other use, why not.

    Getting the proper connector setup is the pain in the butt part for using it on a b series engine.

    i don’t have much of a clue as to what you can change or can’t change on-site, as you’ve still got the PCM to contend with.

    If you already have the program, then you’ll just need the connectors.

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    Re: Cummins Insite?

    You should be able to as long as you can get in the 1939 network somewhere between the engine and the BCM.

    I doubt you can do anything once connected, though.

    The features and parameters are all probably going to be locked.

    I tried on my '18 and gave up.

    There's no convenient way to get into the network.

    It doesn't have the round service connectors like the big engines, and it doesn't have open 3-pin drops on the ECM harness.

    Those are the only two things I have the goodies to plug into.

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