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Thread: Totaled My 2015 RAM!

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    Totaled My 2015 RAM!

    Hey guys and Gals, I have a question.

    My big girl took a hit because of an idiot swerving to miss a trash can on the interstate.

    The issue is that They totaled it and told me why it was deemed totaled.

    It's primarily due to today's lack of ability to get parts and Labor.

    The impact was moderate to the passenger front fender but pushed both vehicles into the concrete retaining wall.

    No airbags deployed, and other than a blown tire due to impact and two fenders, supports and headlights, all else has no damage.

    The insurance co claimed they would have to supply me with a rental car for almost three months; all goes into the equation.

    I plan on repurchasing it for 14K, and my payout back to me is 49k.

    My question is, has anyone repaired a salvage title?

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    Re: Totaled My 2015 RAM!

    Dang hate that happened to you.

    How many miles on it?

    49k for payout is pretty good for a 2015.

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    Re: Totaled My 2015 RAM!

    Pretty sure the salvage title process and inspection will vary from state to state.

    I would contact your local DMV for guidance.

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    Re: Totaled My 2015 RAM!

    Ouch, that sucks but glad that you weren't hurt.

    My dad had a seven-year-old Nissan pickup that got totaled due to front-end damage after sliding on ice and into a ditch.

    We repurchased the same type of front-end damage as your truck and fixed it up the best we could.

    The frame was acceptable, and then the suspension looked undamaged, but we soon found out that there are so many connecting parts that look fine until you start putting it back together with good parts. We finally had to concede and settle for good enough.

    It drove ok but was never quite right, and I kept it for a few years and then finally sold it for less than we had in it to a local farmer to use on his farm.

    We learned that people who do this for a living either own or have an incredible hookup at a salvage yard.

    We didn't.

    It was a fun project for me and my dad, but financially, it would be better to let the insurance co keep it and put the money toward a replacement.

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    Re: Totaled My 2015 RAM!

    @Blackgoat that is pretty cheap for the buy back and doesn't look to bad to fix it up.

    We are glad you're not hurt.

    God bless,

    "The grass is greener where you water it"

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    Re: Totaled My 2015 RAM!

    I have fixed two salvage vehicles and made good money.

    Getting parts can be a pain but doable.

    Be patient and take your time if you are not a daily bodywork mechanic.

    If the frame is bent, A arms, pillar, and side frame walk away.

    Even if you can find a shop to straighten it, you will lose your a$$.

    After all restoration work is done, DMV should help with the inspection process or tell you where to take it to get checked and re-issue the title.

    Remember, even though you get a title re-issued, a total loss will still come upon a DMV check like car fox, and people who might be interested in purchase might struggle to get a loan because it was once a total.

    Take lots of pics from start to finish of all work and save all receipts no matter how small of part, and document them in the logbook for reference and proof.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck.

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