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Thread: Black Market Performance - Water Separator/Fuel Filter System

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    Black Market Performance - Water Separator/Fuel Filter System

    I purchased their water separator and fuel filter system for my 2018 RAM 3500 with 15k miles on her (she’s worn out).

    I figured I’d start with the water separator in the rear. Everything went well until I started the truck up and saw fuel dripping on the floor.

    I crawled back under and found the 90deg. Fitting leaking.

    I gave up after a couple of diesel fuel showers and a massive mess on my shop floor.

    I pulled the aftermarket system back off and started investigating.

    Both fuel fittings on the BMP system are .012 smaller in diameter than the stock filter.

    I reinstalled the stock water separator and have zero leaks.

    I contacted BMP the following Monday.

    The response I got is all the fittings are smaller and that I need to get new O-Rings for my quick disconnect fittings.

    Here is an idea for them: How about selling the correct size fittings or supplying new O-rings with their system.

    They have seen this before, and I’m sure nobody is changing these filters out on brand new (new O-rings) trucks.

    There is now a brand new BMP fuel filter replacement system in my trash can!

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    Re: Black Market Performance - Water Separator/Fuel Filter System

    Sorry to hear about your issues - Hopefully, you get this figured out & leak-free & reliable.

    I installed the Diesel Fuel Filter Kit ---> - On my 2017 @ the 15K mile mark.

    Due to the Aluminum Base & Aluminum CAT filter housing having issues with Galling, I switched to the Donaldson DBF5814 (Spin-On) Filter = No Galling problems now.
    Install was decently straightforward & easy - with no issues - The fit & Quality of parts were the same as OEM. (Never one leak or reliability issue so far)

    Best of luck with your situation & Keep Us Up to Date!

    Quality Parts / Kits these days are getting to be a thing of the past! (I was Lucky with my selection)

    Happy Holidays to You & Yours!

    2017 2500 Bighorn SLT CC/SB - 4WD-Anti-Slip -w/3.42s
    Oil: -TRIAX- Supreme ESP 5W-40 & 15W-40 w/FG LF16035 filter
    68RFE & BW44-47 & Power Steering: -TRIAX- Global ATF
    Frontend & Rearend: -Red Line- GL-5 75W-90NS & 140NS
    Many Small Modifications: Interior & Exterior
    Mileage: 19,540

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