I am going to install my new 103% over Injectors in 3 days!

I ordered them from Flux Diesel Injection https://www.fluxdiesel.com/cummins-6-7.

They gave me an excellent Deal and 5% off because I know Cameron from Everythang Diesel, and they are sending my injectors UPS Next Day Air because they know the situation I'm in.

I have to pack my house and be out by this Thursday at 5 pm and install new injectors coming in Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

So From this Monday till Thursday, I will be working 24/7 till I leave Thursday night.

I have been going 24/7 for the last seven days, packing my house up with just me and my wife doing it all by ourselves.

My cousin Lou borrowed me his spare vehicle to run around with till I fixed my 08 Dually, and my Nephew Nick towed my trailer to my house so I could load it up because I'm moving my whole house myself with my trailer.

My Wife is a Total Trooper and has packed the whole house by herself between doing her regular Job from 9-5 pm and packing every day and running boxes to storage because it's going to take two trips to Florida to move our stuff, and that is after we sold 70% of our furniture that my Wife sold on Facebook MarketPlace.

Without my wife, I would be in trouble.

She is my Rock, and we are just barely hanging in; that's why I haven't done many videos lately, but I will be picking up the pace within 2-3 weeks when we get settled into our new home.