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Thread: TruTrac Vs. Detroit Locker

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    TruTrac Vs. Detroit Locker

    I have a Dana 70 and am looking for advice between the two lockers if I could get some input it would be appreciated.

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    a detroit will be hard on tires on a dalily driver since when you put power to the wheels it stays locked and when you corner it will scrub tires
    but a true trac will work more like a limited slip diff till you spin to much then it locks up

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    Re: TruTrac Vs. Detroit Locker

    Quote Originally Posted by rezeppa View Post
    I have a Dana 70 and am looking for advice between the two lockers if I could get some input it would be appreciated.
    Just wondering what you ended up putting in the truck?

    I’m planning on a True Track for the rear, but have read in numerous places that they are great in the front too.

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    Re: TruTrac Vs. Detroit Locker

    This is an old thread, but I will respond. I have done both in the front and the rear on long wheel base Jeeps.

    Detroits can be scary with flexy suspensions in sweeping corners if it unlocks and surprises you. If they stay locked in tight turns, tire scrub and reduced turning radius occur along with accelerated tire wear. The longer the wheel base of the vehicle, the less ornery a Detroit is. My TJ was scary and would damn near change a lane when it unlocked in a sweeping corner, my LJ was less scary because it had a longer wheelbase. If you are under power, the diff will remain locked which is good in situations where you lift a wheel (articulation or crawling over rocks).

    True tracs are excellent in street driven vehicles. They dont truly lock or slip and they transfer power to the slipping wheels better than a clutch-type limited slip. Plus, there are no clutches to wear out and no special lube requirements so they enjoy a good life span as long as the lube is changed as needed. They would work well in mud and some terrain with limited articulation. Situations where a true-track will limit you is lifting a wheel. That wheel is going to spin (remember, it doesnt lock). If you keep the skinny pedal light and lightly apply the brake pedal, it helps to overcome that.

    I liked tru-tracks in the front and found them to be as good as a locker in 75% of the situations I encountered in my old TJ. So if you are just cruising light off road areas then you will certainly see improved ease of traversing terrain.

    Your truck with tru-tracks at both ends wont be unstoppable, but they will make your truck more capable.

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