Good afternoon everybody.

So I just installed my DPF delete 4in the exhaust, and it looks great, and my OEM Muffler and intermediate pipe are very badly corroded.

I want to stick with the OEM Muffler because it sounds fine with the other exhaust work I just did.

It's very badly corroded, and I'm not entirely confident that it's going to last very long.

So if any of you out there can suggest a comparable OEM style or sized muffler or something that will replace the intermediate (also rust-ridden) Pipe & Muffler, I am all ears.

I have gone roaming the internet, and everything I find wants me to straight pipe it.

I need to figure out a better solution because I don't want to straight pipe it.

Also, I forgot to add my OEM tailpipe rusted off right behind the muffler just in front of the rear axle, so I probably need one of those too.

okay, thanks for reading