Hi all!

Well, we finally got the EGT and flowed issues figured out with my truck, and I'm comfortable putting her on the track.

She's a 2wd manual, and this is the first diesel I've ever raced.

Now just screwing around, I know my turbo is LAZY.

Once it's spooled, trucks a rocket, until then everything walking away from you.

I can spin the tires pretty easily in 1st (NV4500), but I don't think it'll spin them fast enough to get the heat into the needed slicks.

How do yall launch your manual trucks?

From what I've read in other forums, guys treat it like truck pulling, where they pick either 2nd or 3rd and slip the clutch off the line to help get the turbo spooled, and it doesn't fall on its face.

I intend to install a line lock, and I've got a South Bend 650 hp dual-disc clutch.

I know it runs the chance of welding itself together if you slip it too long, but hey, we build them to beat on 'em, right?

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