Looking for a good tuner for a 2016 Ford F-250 for my Dad.

He was a paramedic for 19 years and retired this past spring.

Where he worked, they had several Ford and RAM cab chassis that they used for their Ambulance rigs, mostly 450 or 4500.

After the mfg. warranty was out at 100k; they would delete them, and his biggest complaint was the cab drone.

He is planning on towing their 5er around the country when Mom is retired in Jan.

He was happy with the stock sound after riding in my Cummins with a 5" exhaust, muffler, and 30" resonator.

I was looking for a reliable, long-term solution and was not interested in adding power or big tires.

(I found it here with Ray's work and have a very happy 2,000 mi on it.)

Does anybody have a good recommendation to get the same for a Ford?

He bought the truck he wanted new in 2016 to pay off at retirement, so trading it in is not an option.