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Thread: Daytona Truck Week Soon To Be Cancelled?

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    Daytona Truck Week Soon To Be Cancelled?

    So "Bike Week" is still acceptable?

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    Re: Daytona Truck Week Soon To Be Cancelled?

    Probably because a few ruin it for everyone.

    Just look at YouTube and how the young truck guys disrespect everyone and get away with it for hits on their channel.

    God bless,

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    Re: Daytona Truck Week Soon To Be Cancelled?

    We have motorcycle, car and truck events in Reno every year.

    There is always a few that end up ruining it but instead of banning the event Reno steps up and gives law enforcement the tools they need to get rid of the troublemakers.

    Amazing how well it works when our leadership actively solves the problem vs burying their head in the sand and hoping it goes away.

    During Street Vibrations motorcycle rally they dont allow colors, insignias or anything stating an affiliation during the event at all.

    Casinos will not allow you in and law enforcement will tell you to take it off and leave it off or flat out leave town.

    They will either escort you out of town or arrest you for the duration of the event.

    This stemmed from a casino shooting during the event many years ago.

    Since then we have not had any noteable issues. I cant imagine the people at the truck event are worse than the bike event at Daytona Beach.

    I smell political motivation more than anything else here.

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