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Thread: Shout Out To CJ Auto & Diesel In Dalhart, Texas

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    Shout Out To CJ Auto & Diesel In Dalhart, Texas

    We just made a 1000 mile trip to AZ from KS, and for the first few hundred miles, it was stuck in Regen and was losing power.

    I was down to 55-60 mph max.

    I was fortunate to find CJ Auto & Diesel in Dalhart, TX. The guy there told me (on the phone) how to fix it - stop driving and just let it run for an hour while parked.

    Apparently, when driving, the DPF never gets hot enough to do its thing.

    It worked. Running much better now and the DPF meter in the vehicle info screens shows empty.

    The guy was accommodating and clearly knew his stuff.

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    Re: Shout Out To CJ Auto & Diesel In Dalhart, Texas

    I personally would think the total opposite - Running down the highway @ 65-75mph with a slight load on the 6.7L would generate a decent amount of heat - I know my DPF temps are around 650-725*F at that speed. (According to my VeePeek & OBD Fusion App) Gauge.

    Once my gauge shows - I'm in Regen - These Temps get up to 1165 - 1200*F @ Highway / Interstate speeds (Over 40 mph).

    I've notice mine once below 40 mph will step out of Regen according to the gauge & my DPF temps will drop back down to normal.

    Parked & @ idle these same temps drop well down below 500*F.

    The above rambling is only my observation of my OBD Fusion App on my iPhone.

    Anyway - That's awesome; his solution helped Great News!

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    2017 2500 Bighorn SLT CC/SB - 4WD-Anti-Slip -w/3.42s
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    Frontend & Rearend: -HSS- PAO GL-5 S9 75W-90 & S11 80W-110
    Many Small Modifications: Interior & Exterior
    Mileage: 16,369

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