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I only have about 500 miles on it so far, but I'm very happy with It when you get on it it takes it and shifts smoothly. But with such low miles I can't really give a review yet.

And I got the stage 5 converter.
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Any review yet?

I would love to hear any updates you have as well.

I just put this same transmission in my truck over the Christmas break. Haven't been able to fully complete the drive learn procedures yet, as I keep switching tunes and starting over again.

My stock trans, I had upgraded the valve body to a Revmax billet one, which held my gearing together, but didn't do anything for my input shaft.

The input shaft gave out during normal driving and little throttle, but I believe the initial break was due to the violent 3-4 shift that is being talked about on here. It was actually extremely violent a couple of times during a weekend when I was pulling my travel trailer, even trying to baby that particular shift.

I've played with tuning quite a bit using the company I paid for a couple of years ago. If I run a tune that locks the tcc in 3rd, then the 3-4 shift seems harsher than all of the other shifts. If I run a tune that doesn't lockup until 4th, the 3-4 shift seems to be about equal to the other shifts. Since I feel like the 3-4 shift broke my stock trans, I've likely been over-analyzing that particular shift.

I switched to a new tuner yesterday which has better support, and is known by Revmax. The initial tune I was given locks up in 3rd, and I noticed the hard shifting while driving last night. They sent me another tune today that doesn't lock until 4th, and I plan on installing it tonight and driving around.