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Thread: Colorado Front Range Diesel Shop - Tombstone Diesel Castle Rock, CO

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    Cool Colorado Front Range Diesel Shop - Tombstone Diesel Castle Rock, CO

    This is a quick review in regards to my experience with Travis (Owner/Operator) at Tombstone Diesel in Castle Rock, CO.

    Google Link:

    I found this shop by sheer happenstance as I had work done on my Tacoma next door and noticed all the big diesel trucks outside of the adjacent shop.

    When I purchased my 2020 RAM 2500 Cummins I struggled to find a reliable shop in Colorado that could adequately address my concerns when it came to fueling and other future modifications.

    Most shops I reached out to didn't have much experience with the new late model 5th Gens and were all trying to upsell me on one thing or another instead of giving me what I wanted.

    Travis took about 20-30 minutes of his time on the phone call to go into detail about everything I wanted to get done and how it could be difficult with the new late model 2500's but it turned out he was a prototyper & developer for FASS Fuel Systems and had extensive knowledge when it came to their systems and the Cummins platform in general.

    Keep in mind at this point he hadn't made a sale or even knew who I was, I was just a random guy calling up to ask a few questions and get a quote.

    I decided to pull the trigger on getting the FASS System with dual heater elements and had Travis install them for me.

    We ran into some problem as I have a late model 2020 2500 and they changed the fuel assembly so the parts FASS included didn't all work as they should.

    This was no issue for Travis and he ended up putting together an even better setup than the initial draw straw style that FASS includes in their kits and then turned around and gave that information to FASS.

    As it turns out, my truck was one of the first late model (08/20) 2020 2500 trucks to have this system put on it and Travis worked his magic to make it 110%.

    After this I proceed to speak with Travis about the CP3 conversion and some other tweaks that I wanted to get done to the truck and he was very excited to be working on the newer 2500's and enjoyed the challenge of prototyping the FASS system and even the thought of getting to do the CP3 conversion as well.

    I could go on for awhile about Travis and how amazing this experience has been but overall this guy knows his stuff better than anyone else in the area and will take the time to not only do the work you want, but also guide you in the right direction moving forward and goes the extra mile when it comes to it.

    I highly recommend Travis and Tombstone Diesel to anyone in the Colorado area looking to get any sort of work done to their Cummins platform truck.

    2020 Ram 2500 (GCM) 6.7L - Joined the diesel club 9/17/20

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    Re: Colorado Front Range Diesel Shop - Tombstone Diesel Castle Rock, CO

    This is such a good post!

    So good that I felt the need to created an account and paid the $99, just to post a follow-on to your note.

    Hands down Travis and Tombstone rock!

    We are currently a couple weeks out from a full build on my truck (his old truck) and he has managed the process seamlessly.

    I have tons of money pouring into this build and never felt that there was a wasted dollar.

    Everything we discussed was backed by experience and rationale.

    Hopefully my truck will get some love on IG soon from Freedom Racing, BD and Tombstone.

    I don't have an IG account, but if you see it you will know it!

    Now I just need to convince him to sell me that mint 2nd Gen dually he has!


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