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Thread: OEM 8.4 Head Unit - 3 Band Equalizer Settings

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    OEM 8.4 Head Unit - 3 Band Equalizer Settings

    Asking about the OEM 8.4 Head Unit with the Imitation Alpine System.

    I was curious what other owners with this system - be it still stock or modified with different speaker brands - runs each setting level at? - Graphic Equalizer - (The 3 Band Settings) - (To Suit Your Listening Pleasure)

    Settings = Bass / Mid / Treble - At this time I have the Bass @ +8 / Mid @ +4 / Treble @ +9 with the Fade set at 2 clicks to the back from the middle - to keep the front dash speakers from being to overpowering.

    I'm just curious what other members preferred settings are for each band for their listening pleasure.

    I have replaced the 2 corner dash speakers & 2 rear door speakers with JBL Club Series & replaced the Weak Sub with the Pioneer 8".
    The Center Dash OEM was left alone - Since the Front Door speakers are only Mid & Bass I left them as is.

    My Eyes are getting worse more every year - but my ears are still in good condition and even though I'm 56 - I still enjoy cruising down the Highway or Interstate or Turnpike - listening to some of my favorites via Sirius XM. (Sorry No Rap or Country)
    Only - Hair Nation / Rock Bar / A touch of Classical to help calm the nerves coming home from work.

    Edit: I forgot to add - I do leave the surround mode on.
    The JBLs really cleaned up the listening stage = Not as muddy / actually created a much more clean/clear stage (Mids & Highs)
    You can really tell once you reach the 15 volume setting.
    As for the Pioneer sub - I can't really tell that much difference (Since it's buried below the seat).

    I'm just basically interested in the 3 Band Equalizer Settings that others run.

    2017 2500 Bighorn SLT CC/SB - 4WD-Anti-Slip -w/3.42s
    Oil: -TRIAX- Supreme ESP 5W-40 & 15W-40 w/DBL7349
    68RFE: -Valvoline- ATF+4 ATF
    BW44-46 & Power Steering: -TRIAX- {Synthetic) Global ATF
    Frontend & Rearend: -TRIAX- Synergy PAO 75W-90/140
    Mileage: 13,900

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    Re: OEM 8.4 Head Unit - 3 Band Equalizer Settings

    I have the factory 10 speaker Alpine system with no mods.

    I use the same settings except my treble is at zero.

    I am 54 and losing hearing in the high pitch ranges so too much treble and I get weird sounds in my head.

    I guess anyone would lose hearing in those ranges if they listened to big diesel engines with big turbos for over 30 years.

    No rap or country is my kinda listening experience.

    I prefer hard rock but my tastes in music are mellowing a tad with age.

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