This is a review for the new Titanium Signature Series Fass Lift Pump 100GPH that was installed on a late model (08/20) 2020 Ram 2500 with the addition of a dual heater system.

I purchased this setup at the recommendation of some friends who have had more experience with diesel than I for the filtration ability and to help with unassisted cold starts (not plugging it in overnight). I also did not like the idea of having to replace both factory fuel filters every 7500-10000 miles, nor that the dealer near me would charge me about $200 for the service + filters. When I read about the filter life on these FASS systems being good for 20k-25k financially it started to make more sense. Where I live in Colorado at night it can get down to -15* with wind-chill getting down to -30* so with this setup allowing to add up-to 2 fuel heaters to help with cold starts + less fuel filter servicing & the savings from that, I was sold.

If you are purchasing this system for a late model 2500 (08/20+ mfg date) truck please get it installed by a FASS dealer as the later model 5th gens are different than the earlier model 19 trucks and the kit requires modification and additional parts.

All 5th gen trucks come with the countdown display when you cold start your truck to warm up the fuel and you get to hear the hairdryer turn on and that's where I started to notice the difference. When it first started to get to freezing temperatures after a night outside I would start the truck and notice that the hairdryer wasn't on for as long as it had been in the past and not drawing power from my batteries for as long (everyone who's watched, you can visibly see your battery voltage plummet when the stock hairdryer turns on). I had this system installed in the fall prior to getting those freezing temperatures and could notice that when I start truck it sounded better right of the bat and had less hesitation. Shortly after that winter conditions started to move in and that is when I noticed the real difference.

Recently we had a steak of ice cold weather and loads of cold starts (8+ hours without being started, parked in the elements, no shelter and not plugged in). More recently I've had to cold start truck in temperatures around -10*F along with double that in negative wind chill. Both of these times I started the truck with the remote start and did not key on the ignition or anything to help the pump heaters turn on but instead just watched to monitor the timer and battery levels. Both times the truck took about 30 seconds on the countdown clock and noticeably dropped the voltage down with the hairdryer and heaters at full tilt. Both times the truck started up a bit rough at first but after about 30-45 seconds it smoothed out and got to it's idle. With less extreme conditions I've noticed that the truck doesn't seem to have any issues with cold starting and overall the hairdryer doesn't need to run for as long in combination with the dual heater elements. The truck has seen roughly 30+ cold starts in temperatures that were 10*F or less and double that at temperatures below 32*F so far at 9000+ feet of elevation.

I can say that I am glad I bought this system with the recent cold spikes we've seen here in the Rockies I'm pretty sure I would have had to plug in my truck for a bit to get it start in the conditions it's seen so far. I'll keep everyone posted on a more long term review after this winter's end but so far this system is worth every penny and I'd strongly recommend it to those concerned about their CP4.2, diesel fuel quality and/or cold starts / extreme weather conditions.

The system was installed by a local shop and dealer of FASS on the front range of Colorado called Tombstone Diesel in Castle Rock, CO in the fall of 2020. I cannot say enough good things about Travis and the work he has done and is still helping me with. My truck was one of the first late model (08/20+) 2500's to have this system installed and we ran into some problems as the design of the fuel assembly had changed and the fuel assembly parts included wouldn't have worked. Luckily, Travis is a certified FASS dealer and works with them regularly on prototyping so this wasn't an issue and was able to get the job done.

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