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Thread: Trump Will Not Concede!

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    Re: Trump Will Not Concede!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyronious View Post
    I find it interested that I agreed with a commenter.

    Who really didn't leave any more of supporting argument than me or just about anyone here has so far, and I am somehow the only one being asked about it.

    Did Bigbaddog's comment intimidate you?

    Why not ask him the exact thing you asked me?

    Or perhaps, you should ask the other commenters here to write exposes on why they feel the way they do, so you can gain clarity.

    I was agreeing with someone other than yourself there buttercup. So to be honest if you did not agree with me or bigbaddog, why not respond to someone you DO agree with?

    Also it really speaks volumes that you would tell good ole Murph to "ignore people who post such as this" while you have already responded about it twice.

    Or are you different in that you don't need to follow your own advice?

    The irony of you telling him to ignore it while you yourself, get seemingly worked up is confusing to say the least.

    Take your own advice and if you don't like mine or someone else's comment, just move right along.

    It should not matter to you where i offer gentle or passive support.

    This thread is full of Trump supporters doing exactly what I did, offering nearly or completely empty, yet supportive comments.

    I did the same simply on the other side of the coin.

    Get off your high horse, no stranger owes you any explanations, or has to answer to any of your inconsistencies.

    Have a lovely day there guy.
    I simply and respectfully asked you to help me understand your side of things and all you did was launch a series of personal attacks.

    I wish you well in life and hope you find happiness and success.

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    Re: Trump Will Not Concede!

    Well, I'm sure that the words written here pale in comparison to the thoughts of the many that have perused this topic.

    As I have stated, I love God, this Country, the Flag, and all the challenges and rewards of this life given to me.

    I love a good verbal joust and use to enjoy as well a good brawl.

    Not so much the later (LOL). I agree with @Aboshan, In terms of standing for something and having the ability to define and defend.

    I should have prefaced that with a better execution plan before I launched the salvo (again I apologize).

    I would like to have a differing opinion here justify their stance and explain why they may feel i have missed something obvious.

    I have no problem exposing my inadequacies (my existence here, as a Cummins enthusiast, re-affirms that, more LOL) and am humble enough to say I'm still learning.

    I look back to the trepidation I had before I made my first post here and the feeling of dumb for not knowing about what I was posting.

    I was welcomed so much easier than I expected.

    I guess that was my thought, as I suffered from a Freudian slip in the errant post.

    I guess I'll always struggle with the liberal agenda when all I know has been self-made through hard work, with many, etc's

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    Re: Trump Will Not Concede!

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbaddog View Post
    Trump needs to go now.

    He nothing but a liar and a thief.

    Did nothing for the little people, only his family, and friend.

    By the way, I did vote for him in 16.

    If he can not profit from something, he wants nothing to do with it.

    Remove him now.
    This is not a response I expected to read on a “Fossil Fuel” Diesel forum.

    President Trump is the one who’s keeping us energy independent.

    The democrats want the green new deal, net zero emissions. You plan on selling ur diesel truck for that new **** box Tesla is building?

    These “Trumps gotta go” responses are solely from government workers, union workers or the uninformed citizen.

    Someone that’s been indoctrinated in public (government ran) schools or living in highly restricted states that don’t understand what real freedom is.

    Trumps inauguration back in 2016, he told us (The People) he’s giving us the power back.

    He’s fighting for America First.

    That’s when all (democrats & RINOS) politicians knew they had to destroy him.

    The media did a wonderful job creating havoc & disinformation about the Trump agenda & people like you fell for it.

    No one won in the 2020 election except for the media & Washington DC elite corruption.

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