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Good morning, I hope everyone is well.

Got a small problem and am looking for some advice.

By “small problem” I am referring to a 4” hole in the side of my block from where the first rod decided it wanted to see the light of day while coming back from an RZR riding trip.

The truck is a 2010 Ram 3500, that I did an EGR delete, 4” exhaust, and a programmer on.

Truck has 206k miles on it, and we did the delete about 60k miles ago. Knowing what I do now, I would have done the delete as soon as the warranty was up, not waiting for the diverter valve to start sticking shut, causing the famous sludge mess.

I liked the way the truck pulled whatever I put behind it before I did the delete, but I LOVED the way it pulled after the delete.

So, my dilemma now is what to do.

Do I go to Dodge and buy one of their long blocks for $15k that is ready to drop in and run (come complete with injectors, rockers, pushrods, etc.), put my delete set-up on it, and be on my way.


Spend an additional $7k to $10k and get a built motor from an aftermarket company, and the bells and whistles that go with getting a built motor.


Put a $6k junkyard motor in the truck and trade it in on new truck.

I do not know what to do.

Just looking into advice on what everyone thinks, because I do not know what the right answer is.

Also, if you are looking at an aftermarket company, who would you recommend.
Sorry to hear about your luck.

It honestly comes down to what your end goal is and how much you wanna spend.

Me personally, I want you to find a good condition used motor if that's what you want but on the other hand I'd love to sell you a new street engine by Freedom.