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Thread: Darn Cluster

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    Darn Cluster

    Well, I think my cluster is shot.

    My fuel gauge quit working and every now and then my temp and battery gauge won't work either until I shut the truck down and restart it, but the fuel gauge won't move.

    I did a gauge test with the cluster doing the press thingy and turned key to the method to recalibrate the cluster, and every gauge moves but the fuel.

    If there was another thing wrong with the fuel, I'm sure the gauge would still move like it should during the test.

    This happened to the fuel gauge before then it started working again, so I'm not sure.

    I now got a used cluster from a friend, so hopefully, swap it out, and everything works.

    We will see by the weekend, I hope.

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    Re: Darn Cluster

    So I put a new to m cluster in, and she's all fixed up.

    Win win!

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