Being a city cop in a big violent city has got to be the toughest job in the world. They sometimes have to make split second decisions under extreme stress when they may be in a fight with a suspect who may try to end their life. I get that sometimes in the heat of the moment, bad decisions are sometimes made. Let’s not forget about all the men and women who are put in these situations and make the right decision, everybody goes home (or to jail) alive. We never hear about them. I thank god they are called to do that thankless job. Many of us have thanked someone who has protected our way of life by serving in the armed forces but how many of us thank someone who puts their life on the line in our city streets every day by putting on a blue uniform?

As I understand it the BLM movement started because people of color in big cities are angry about how a few city police officers are doing their job. I see people blaming our country, burning flags, kneeling during our national anthem. People on both sides of the fence need to realize that it’s not our state or federal peace officers that killed George Floyd or beat up Rodney King, it was city officers that unfortunately did these acts. So why are liberals using the BLM movement to vilify our country when these acts are perpetrated by city cops who were hired by a liberal police chief working for a city run by a liberal mayor and liberal city council? These issues need to be corrected at the city level.

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