This is a completely new replacement turbo actuator that fits the 2007-2018 6.7 Dodge Cummins and medium-duty applications. This is not a reman or a rebuild of an existing unit. With the Variable Geometry Technology (VGT) turbocharger in the '07.5-'17 Ram Turbo Diesel trucks, everything changed when it came to servicing it. To work on it you needed training, expensive tools and you couldn't test the actuator, so as a DIY-er truck owner you were left with replacing the turbo which is expensive.

City Diesel worked to fix this. Step one was to develop an actuator tester that anyone could use. Shortly after they released it, more affordable rebuilt turbochargers started showing up. However, there was still a problem because the actuator has to be calibrated to the turbocharger and you were not able to simply replace an actuator. This means you either have to pay a fee to get the actuator calibrated at a shop that has the correct equipment (average price $200) or buy the entire turbocharger even if the actuator was the only problem.

The cost-effective solution: the creation of a new actuator and gear housing. You replace all the electronics, including the circuit board, motor, harness adapter, and a new gearbox. There is no calibration required and no complicated installation. Again, what this means to you is that you have a viable, cost-effective option for replacing your actuator when you have a problem.

Cost-effective solution - no need to replace the entire turbo. No need for expensive tools or a trip to the dealership calibration. It wipes the vanes/self-testing on every key cycle, preventing soot and carbon buildup. The actuator motor has almost twice the torque: This makes it more difficult for the vanes to freeze up and gives you a faster throttle response. The actuator was designed from the beginning to work well with EFI-live aftermarket tuners. Replacement actuator, gear housing, gaskets, and wiring adapter included. Adapter cable making it a universal fit for all 6.7 turbos with a smart actuator.

2 year no hassle warranty. As long as you don't get coolant in the actuator and you have not to beat it with a hammer we will warranty it.