Hello, hoping for some help here.

I am in the process of collecting parts to do a unit bearing and CAD delete on my 97 Ram 2500.

I am ordering a Yukon one piece axle for the passenger side that comes with the knock-off plate and special inner axle seal.

I have already acquired the spindles, hubs, bearings, stub shafts, etc., from a 95 Ford F250 Dana 50 TTB axle. My plan is to weld up the 5 holes in the in the Ford spindle, grind it smooth, and re-drill it to fit the four hole pattern of the Dodge knuckle.

The rotor offset is in the hub, and is near enough as perfect to line up with the Dodge caliper.

The Ford rotor is thinner, but I don't think it is too much of an issue, and if it is I am thinking i can find rotors with the Ford top hat depth and Dodge thickness and be alright.

I am however having issues sourcing the right u-joint to use.

The Dodge inner axles have this inside c-clip retainers, and the Ford stub shafts have the outside spring retainers.

Been trying to find cross reference charts to find a u-joint that will work, but have been unable to find anything definitive.

Anybody out there done this swap, and if so, what u-joint did you use? TIA