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Thread: 2018 Alignment Issues

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    2018 Alignment Issues

    I have a 2018 AEV Prospector XL Tungsten Limited. It was built by AEV, not parts at a local shop. Truck drove better than perfect when I picked it up in Detroit. Unfortunately soon after the PSC hydro assist box leaked and had to be replaced under warranty. AEV was awesome about it and I had a local dealer swap out the box, they screwed it up beyond belief with the hoses routed wrong, popped the front springs out of seat and didn't put back right, you name it.... ever since my alignment and drivability hasn't been right. Took it to a professional off-road shop and the caster cam bolts were set out of the adjusters 180* in the wrong direction.

    Fast forward 10 months there is a recall from AEV for the steering knuckle so I drove all the way back to AEV in Detroit to have them perform the recall. They did and added some more parts as well as swapped out the entire PSC steering system for a new one because the repair was so bad. We also added limiting straps so the springs won't pop out again (I had the snow plow springs which don't flex as much as other units). They set up the alignment but it still pulled to the right. It was a holiday so I drove the truck home anyway. I have been to a half a dozen alignment shops and no one can get this truck right.

    Question is since the adjusters are in the radius arms now for 2018 truck, not the bolts, when that shop cranked on the bolts and twisted it a few times around to 180* from 0 did they tear up the internal adjusters? The thing always drifts right. I've rotated the tire and it helped a bit, I've got to a big rig shop and specialty shops. My thrust angle is out a bit (can this even be adjusted?) and the last shop was an old school off-road shop that aligns with string and measuring tape. Found both my axles were not centered. Front is about 1" out and rear is about 3/4" out of center but then I read that is normal. AEV has replacement track bars installed but they are not adjustable. ProspectorXL package is only a 3" lift. Aligns to factory specs. These are the easiest trucks to align don't know why my truck won't drive straight.

    It's brand new, never wrecked, was beyond perfect on the maiden voyage home from Detroit to San Antonio.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: 2018 Alignment Issues

    You're new, so you don't know my attitude on truck lifts.

    I don't give a crap; who did then!

    They suck.

    It looks like the builder was compensating his caster (Your source of the pull) over the whole truck.

    I won't even begin to express my concerns about that.

    Best take it back to the factory and let them repair this monster.

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    Re: 2018 Alignment Issues

    Did you ever get this fixed?

    2018 Ram 2500 AEV Prospector XL. Calibrates Power Solutions Tune

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    Re: 2018 Alignment Issues

    Not yet.

    The tires didn’t wear at all just had a pull, so I stopped fighting it and drove it.

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