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Thread: Highway Shake

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    Re: Highway Shake

    Thank you for the update. My 3500 has always had a real mild shake motion at highway speeds. It's been a long time since I owned a HD truck and since you don't buy 1 ton trucks for the ride necessarily I figured it was price you pay for capability. I had the tires rotated and balanced several times and it never went away. Tires are the stock Firestone Transforce AT on 20 inch rims with 23k miles on them. I finally saved the cash for a nice aggressive Toyo mud terrain in stock size and after reading your post I can't wait to see if that shaking goes away. I realize the M/T will be noisier and the overall ride quality won't be as smooth but having that little wiggle/shake motion gone will be heaven

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    Re: Highway Shake

    Much later update on this.

    I currently run Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 tires and have gotten a recent alignment.

    The truck drives straight and smooth as high as 90, without me realizing how fast I'm going.

    So maybe it was a tire/alignment culmination.

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