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Thread: Vendor Rules

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    Vendor Rules

    Hey guys, first off, we want to thank you for being a vendor here, and we look forward to you being with us for a long time!

    As a word of advice, we would also like to add that you can make the forum work for you.

    To do that, you should run as many ads as possible in your vendor subforum and participate in as many conversations as possible.

    It is exposure that will get you business.

    The forum itself or its administration team can not do this for you.


    1.) (Obsolete) No price discussion outside vendor marketplace.
    1.) Price discussions are allowed in any thread provided the prices were requested (Excludes sponsored forums)

    2.) (Obsolete) No unrequested solicitation of members outside of the WTB area.
    2.) Solicitation of members or promotion of products is permitted anywhere in the forum provided your product is relevant to the thread's topic. *(Excludes sponsored forums)

    3.) Two Five "For Sale" threads per Vendor Market Place Sub Forum open at any one time (excludes Vendor's own Company Sub-Forum).

    4.) Excluding vendor-sponsored forums, advertising is permitted elsewhere throughout the forum provided the advertisement is relevant for the topic of discussion. However, you must post your main advertisement within your vendor forum and link to it from within other threads. This is to maintain organization and allow members to view all your advertised parts in one main section.

    5.) For sponsored forums, only the sponsoring Vendor may discuss pricing and advertise products.

    6.) Vendors are members of this forum and must follow the standard member rules as well.

    Policy Notes:
    We will not be your PR team or mediator**.

    We reserve the right to ban/remove vendor status/banners without refund if the rules are broken repeatedly. This is not something taken lightly, and an Admin can only revoke vendor status.

    *If you have tech data to share, please share it.

    **We won't ignore reported posts, issues. Just be aware we will not take sides with either the Vendor or the member UNLESS one of them is being malicious and or breaking forum rules.

    "The grass is greener where you water it"

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    Re: Vendor Rules

    Rules have been updated.

    Please read.

    Thank you.

    "The grass is greener where you water it"

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