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Thread: DRD/MM3 Experience

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    DRD/MM3 Experience

    I wanted to post this as sort of a response to all the negativity being brought to DRD's front door. First off this is not a review on how my truck drives and the tunes and what not, more an overall experience with the products and vendor. I installed all my stuff back in July '18.

    I had a 12v before buying my '13 so tuning electronically was new to me. Before I purchased my tuner I did diligent research as most do I assume. MM3 seemed the obvious choice as a one and done device, and after the plethora of informational YouTube videos, and FAQ's and answers from DRD, another obvious choice.

    Everything installed, trans relearned, maybe 1,000 miles and I really am very satisfied. Everything that changed with my truck after Ray's tunes were precisely as he explained in his videos. No surprises at all.

    I do think the trans tuning leaves some to be desired but in a way that makes me want to beef up the transmission. I felt very informed and was not surprised or dissatisfied with the shift flare as it feels as if the tune protects the "almighty 68RFE" from itself.

    Bottom line I am a very satisfied customer. I actually like the idea of a service ticket over endless calls and emails. My experience with DRD has left me feeling very valued as a customer and worry free about my Cummins.

    2013 3500 SRW, Mm3, DRD Tunes, Kevlar Paint

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    Re: DRD/MM3 Experience

    @GraveyBoat thank you for your review and for your support of DRD over the years friend.

    God Bless,

    The Cummins Whisperer! John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10...Tuning for the Heart and Soul.

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    Re: DRD/MM3 Experience

    Yes, the work Ray does is top notch. The trans tune does take a little to get used to, but Ray has a reason for setting it up the way he does. I've read some people are not big on the service ticket idea and they think that there should be lifetime free updates. I see the pros and cons with that thinking, but you have to look at the time that Ray would have to put it for everyone trucks. That comes out to lost money. I would rather pay to have mine retuned and knowing it has been done right, but that's me. The only thing I have noticed with the trans tunes is that after the relearn it seems to shift harder from 1st to second. 2nd to 6th are very good with the normal shift flare. No big deal there. Overall I have been very impressed with DRD and look forward to using them for any future needs. You are dead on with Ray's customer service. Very honest man and he will work with you. Not too many out there left that will go the extra mile.

    2006 2500 QC Laramie 5.9 (Sold in 2016). 2017 3500 DRW CC Laramie, Loaded. MM3 tuned by DRD. 4" SS by Jamo. 68REF, 4.10 Rears. (Sold). 2018 3500 DRW Longhorn CC AISIN 4.10's. All stock for now. (Grrrrr)

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    Re: DRD/MM3 Experience

    Just got done dealing with Ray and DRD, Ray answered questions I had that I just wanted to make double sure about, I emailed and in a matter of minutes I had my answers, top notch customer service for sure.

    The MM3 is awesome also, I’m still learning what all it can do, very good product so far.

    Thanks again Ray!

    2016 2500 6.7
    2" Level Kit
    Medicated by DRD

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    Re: DRD/MM3 Experience

    Add another one to the list of extremely satisfied customers!!

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