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  • 5th Gen Memory Seat Calibration

    For anyone interested, I learned today that you could self calibrate your seat end stop positions.

    I discovered this when I had dropped something between my driver seat and center console after parking the other night.

    With the engine off, I had motorized the seat all the way forward in both horizontal and vertical planes.

    When finished, I hit the memory 1 position and didn’t think anything of it as the seat was returning to its home position.

    When I drove the truck next, I realized the seat didn’t recall back to the easy entry/exit point and didn’t move when I started it.

    I figured it was a bug and would modulate the next time I drove it didn’t.

    I reached out to my friend, a diesel tech at a RAM dealer, for the procedure, and he didn’t have anything for me besides bringing it in and let’s scan the body/seat controller.

    I hooked it up to the Autel today to find it had 2 codes set for the driver door module (probably my fault as I recently sound deadened all my doors) and a seat module fault (horizontal position not calibrated).

    Dreading a trip to the dealer for something simple, I pulled up the live data, and of course, there are counts calibrated for each axis of motorizations except horizontal.

    I figured it was worth a shot to try like I have done with window motors for years. I ran the full distance in each direction holding the button until you hear the relay unlatch because of the current load failsafe.

    As soon as I ran the full distance, the Autel populated a value into that position calibration, and I got the memory 1 function it worked.

    The long-winded explanation for a simple fix, but hopefully, this saves someone a trip to a dealer!

    PS. I have worked for an automotive OEM for almost the last decade designing test equipment for all types of modules, including body/seat and others.

    Happy to offer suggestions to anyone struggling with controller issues.
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