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  • How to: Install Raceme Ultra and Pillar Mount

    Hey guys. Just posting up a quick review and install pics of my new raceme ultra tuner! I recently acquired the raceme ultra through winning a raffle here on IGOTA. It's almost hard to believe but I'm soo stoked and can't wait to get everything up and running. Big thanks to all the vendors that contributed to the raffle!

    First off let me say this forum has been awesome from the start. Never being much of a forum person in the past, this one has had me changing my ways. This is truly a argument and troll free zone. Everyone is so helpful at all time. Also huge thanks to Ray at DOUBLE-R-DIESEL for all the help and giving me his personal cell phone number to text him during the install. Customer service is top notch and second to none. Hats off to you and your passion for these trucks....

    Now onto the Review and How-To

    How To: Install Raceme Ultra and A-Pillar mount

    Please use caution and seek professional assistance when performing modifications to your vehicle. Before attempting any modification it is advised that you refer to your service manual or contact a certified mechanic as not all Ram trucks are the same. The staff and the associated members are in no way responsible for any damages, injuries or other harm inflicted to your vehicle or yourself which may result in attempting these modifications. The posts and content presented on this site reflect in no way the views of IGOTA or it’s ownership.

    Presented by:

    Project Name:
    How-To: Install Raceme Ultra and Edge CTS A-Pillar Mount

    Project Description:
    I have no affiliation and am not being reimbursed by the company or product that I am installing. This is strictly for learning and sharing purposes.

    Skill Level:

    Project Vehicle:
    Make: Dodge
    Year: 2010
    Engine: 6.7L Cummins

    Tool Needed:
    Flat head screwdriver
    Phillips head screwdriver
    Zip ties
    Razor Blade
    Small hand saw
    Beer of your choosing

    Project Time:
    1 Hour for a super clean installation

    Project Cost:
    Cost of tuner and pillar mount and dash pod adapter
    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

    The Raceme Ultra is super easy to install in the 4th gen Rams. You start by routing your EGT probe sensor (optional), and the Unlock cable through the firewall and into the cab under the dash. There is grommet that had the hood release cable going through it that is very easy to access and easy to push through.

    Once cables are routed, comes connecting your Unlock cable. Supposedly this is found in different places on each vehicle but on mine it was very easy to find behind the intake horn and EGR valve on the drivers side:

    The plug has a dummy plug/cover on it that looks like the unlock cable, three green dots on it. I cut the zip tie holding it to the wire loom, took off the plug cap, and plugged in my cable. Make sure that it is seated correctly. It took a lot of pressure and couple tries to get it to "click" in.

    Next, while your in the engine bay, you have to unplug your EGR and Throttle Valve Connector sensors. They are very easy but are also very easy to break. They each have a red sliding piece that needs to be slid out of the way in order to press the release down to remove. I used these screenshot pictures on my phone that were found in another thread about egr removal as a guide:

    Start on the passenger side for one sensor:

    Next move to driver's side for 3 more. These two:

    And the last is this one. The Throttle Valve connector. Its the hardest part of the whole install. It is found underneath the intake horn, underneath but connected to, the MAP sensor. Only way tom see it is with a mirror or your camera phone. Heres what it looks like:

    And here is is off the truck on a bench:

    It can be reached from under the truck with a screwdriver if you have long arms like me, but from the top is easier.

    After that, you can ran your micro USB cord down the weatherstripping to under the dash and make all of your connections to the included dongle. Finding a place to mount the dongle was the second hardest part of the install. I found a spot on the left and looking at the dash, up against a piece of metal that attached to the Parking Brake. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOU CORDS AWAY FROM MOVING PARTS. Steer way clear of your steering linkage, parking brake lever and connections, and hood release latches.

    Make connections. You should have connected to the dongle: the EGT probe, usb cord, unlock cable, and OBDII cord.
    Do not plug in the OBDII connector into the trucks post under the dash. Save that for last when all finished....

    -Now onto the mounting:

    Included with my winnings of the Raceme Ultra was a A-Pillar mount for a Edge CTS. This is a great mounting system for the edge but not a perfect fit for the raceme ultra. Mostly the usb plug on the bottom is in the way. No worries, a slight modification with a razor blade and a small saw and this thing fits perfect and is super sturdy.
    What is needed is the edge pillar mount, and the edge cts dash pod adapter. It uses the same mounting system as the raceme actually so not much is required to make it fit well.

    A slight trimming of the black dash pod adapter is needed right where the usb cable plugs into the tuner using the razor blade and the small hand saw or similar. Cut out the spot where the usb plugs into the tuner, as little as possible, to get it to plug in nicely when the dash pod adapter is on.



    Next a slight trimming of the pillar itself is needed. For this is just used my razor blade and a steady hand. Make a cut as deep as you can safely and then bend it back and forth till is breaks. There is an included rubber gasket that lines the hole in the pillar that is slightly bigger then the hole so it expands into you cut nicely. Again, line up using the tuner and usb cord plugged in a cut as little as possible. Maybe 1/4".


    After: Make sure to round/smooth your side cuts so the rubber gasket flows well and not abruptly drops:

    Here is a shot from the back side with it mounted and cord plugged in. Be sure not too much pressure is being placed on the usb cord:

    A slight trimming of the back side of the rubber gasket may be needed but its at your discretion. Mine needed a little on the piece that sticks up.

    And here it is from the front:

    Next you can install the tuner and pillar mount:

    Feed the usb cord coming up the weatherstripping, through the back of the pillar mount and install the mount using the included phillips head screw into the bottom hole in the grab handle. Obviously take out the screw that was in there first. ****Not sure what head the stock one has as mine was already out??****
    Plug in the tuner and mount it in the gasket.

    Next up is to recheck all of your connections and un-connected sensors, and plug in your OBDII connector under the dash.

    It will automatically update:

    This is done with the key off. It will then tell you to turn the key on and off twice to finish the install and that's it, your done! You'll have to do an initial customized tuning of your vehicle depending on if you want "stock with deletes" or "deletes with increased power". After that it needs to write the initial tune onto your truck, a few minutes, and then your good to go. The On the Fly tuning takes seconds from there on out.

    To reference this part, I used Double-R-Diesel's videos on installing the Raceme Ultra to know what the process was.

    Videos on install:

    Changing the Background:

    With the sd card plugged into your computer using the usb adapter, open up the config folder. In there you'll see a icon with the name: "h_bkg.bmp" That is you background. If you want to change the picture, move that file/picture to your desktop for future use or in case you mess up. Once you have a copy on the desktop, delete the file from the config folder so that its empty. Next, find a picture online that you like and use a image resizing site to change you image size to 480 X 272. Also you have to change it from a normal jpeg, to a bmp file.
    This site worked great to do both:

    After you save the file to your desktop, rename it to "h_bkg.bmp" and drag it into the config folder where the oringal picture was.

    Here's mine with a Cummins Logo:

    --My review:

    This thing is freaking sweet! You have the best of both worlds, a full set of gauges and On the Fly tuning that take just seconds to do mid-driving. From adjusting HP levels, to adjusting rail pressure and turbo spool, this thing does it all. And the torque management setting on "wild" should be called the "burnout" setting, or "raped ape" setting. I've done 10 burnouts since I've had the truck, and about 8 of them have been in the past two days since putting the tuner on!! The throttle response is great.

    Power band has gotten much better as well on all HP tunes. Lag at lower RPMs from a stop has been greatly reduced and smoothed out. The higher HP tunes are definitely harder on the stock trans. To be expected though... Also, builds boost quick, up the 33 psi at WOT! I dont know much about these engines yet, but I would have to recommend not going over the 150 HP without headstuds installed, unless in park or neutral with no engine load. Also btw... This thing can roll coal on the 120HP tune! By accident ofcourse......

    No MPG number to report as of yet but I'll be updating in the future when I can keep my go pedal from hitting the floor boards for even one trip!

    All in all this thing is definitely worth the money, even if it's just for the gauges, ease of install, and cool big touch screen look!

    Would definitely recommend going through one of the vendor here on IGOTA to get the tuner, and with help to get it installed, they are top notch! Great prices and customer service....

    Let me know if any information is incorrect.

    Thanks, TOM

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