Market Place Rules - NO EXCEPTIONS

- All new threads go through approval before they are posted to the forum

- Items must be your own

- Items can not be something you made

- Limit of 3 FS threads at a time

- When the item is sold change the title to "sold"

- No links to adds on other sites (eBay, Craigs List, ect)

- Posts must have pictures of the EXACT item being sold and they must be your own.

- You must disclose any damage or modifications to items being sold

- Titles must be formatted as follows: FS: Exhaust, Intake, and so on

- All threads will expire after 3 months

- As the seller you are responsible to see to it that the buyer receives the item. Please ship all items through a service that provides tracking information and provide sufficient insurance. This is superseded only by any agreement you may have with the buyer.

- By posting in these forums you agree to the listed terms. If you do not agree you may not post in these forums.

You must provide YOUR valid mailing address and phone number and email address to all confirmed buyers.

Buyers beware... I.G.O.T.A.® can not be responsible for any mal intent or issues you may have with any sale. Please use PayPal for all transactions to allow for a dispute process if one is required. Do not send money as a gift as this waves the dispute process. Never send cash. Please report any post that results in malicious activity.